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Où t’es, papa où t’es ?
Où, t’es où, t’es où, papa où t’es ?


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The number one reason why online dating is not for me is because my initial reaction to anyone who doesn’t know me ‘liking’ me is suspicion, followed by embarrassment, followed by hiding under a rock.

If there is a space for me to have a similarly optimistic reaction to them - in person - that is mitigated.

shundhori the funny thing is, that title just makes me think of Iman Mersal’s poetry book, “These Are Not Oranges, My Love,” and after that, Mohsen Namjoo’s new album: Az Poost-e-Narangi Madad!

I haven’t actually read it yet; I was told to.




1. Your body is in flux for the rest of your life. Think of your body as fluid instead of static — it’s always going to change. So get comfortable with those changes.

2. No one will love you or not love you because of your body. You are lovable because you’re you, not because your body looks a certain way.

3. The most intensely personal relationship you’ll ever have is with your body. It’s a lifelong relationship that’s well worth investing in and nurturing the same way you would with loved ones.

4. You don’t owe your body to anyone. Not sexually, not aesthetically. Your body is yours. Period.

5. What someone else says about your body says more about them than it does about you. Look past the actual snark to the person who’s saying it, because it’s only a reflection of what they think of themselves. That’s when you’ll see how little power their words have.

6. Your body is not a reflection of your character. It’s a physical home for the complex and wondrous and unique being that is you.

7. Take up as much space as you want. You don’t have to be small, or quiet, or docile, regardless of your physical size.

8. Everything you need to accept your body is already inside you. There’s no book, or diet, or workout routine or external affirmation that you need to feel good about your body right now.

9. Your body is a priority. It’s always trying to tell you things. Taking the time to listen to is of the utmost importance.

10. Wear whatever you want. Your body shape does not dictate your personal style, and fashion rules that say otherwise are wrong. Dress yourself in a way that makes you feel happy and confident and beautiful, because guess what? You are.


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auccoeurtendre You are a heart.

Um, just FYI: if you support FEMEN, you should first do some actual research on them (try reading about them on Jadaliyya), then stop supporting them.

If you still support them after that, I really have nothing to say to you. You may not be a lost cause, but you are lost for now.

auccoeurtendre That’s what I’m working on, but it’s surprisingly difficult. Plus there is always so much going on on any given night in this city…if the event isn’t appealing in and of itself, I’m not likely to go. I feel like the literary and academic spaces are the best for me but we shall see as we go. I’m just strategizing. ^__^

Blogging actually seems like a more reasonable and organic way to meet someone via the internet than online dating (or online friend-finding).

auccoeurtendre that’s exactly what I don’t like. Even if you put aside the fact that you’re judging people by their photographs (and I can tell whether I find someone beautiful or cute via a photograph, not whether I’d be attracted to them), it’s so list-y. I don’t know how to present myself via a list or evaluate others that way.



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Thank you for commiserating, dears. I feel better about it now. I am glad I got to have that long conversation in Arabic, though! I don’t speak much in my current job so it’s nice to be reminded I can still communicate fairly naturally in Masri. Small blessings, you know.

niqabisinparis if you were here, I’d make fresh stove-top popcorn for you.